Next Sunday's Sermon Title:

"Nevertheless, Christ is King"

(Guest Speaker)

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Toughts for This Week

Our capacity to deal creatively with shattered dreams
is ultimately determined by our faith in God.
Genuine faith imbues us with the conviction
that beyond time is a divine Spirit
and beyond life is Life.
However dismal and catastrophic may be the present circumstances,
we know we are not alone,
for God dwells with us in life's most confining and oppressive cells.
And even if we die there without having received the earthly promise,
he shall lead us down that mysterious road called death
and at last to that indescribable city he has prepared for us....
The Christian faith makes it possible for us
nobly to accept that which cannot be changed,
to meet disappointments and sorrow with an inner poise,
and to absorb the most intense pain
without abandoning our sense of hope....

Martin Luther King, Jr. Strength to Love
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