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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Thoughts for This Week

A man came to Tertullian with a problem.  His problem was the difficulty of earning a living in a heathen world.  What if the mason was asked to build a heathen temple?  What if the tailor was asked to make clothes for a heathen priest?  What if the soldier must daily burn his pinch of incense on the altar of the camp?  The man finished up by saying:  "I must live."  And Tertullian answered him in one immortal question:  "Must you?"
From William Barclay, Everyday with William Barclay

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One who trusts in Christ alone  (will) completely give up his idols, horoscopes and other such practices of his old life that go against Christ's Lordship.  
When a true believer is made aware of any area of his life that is not yielded to Christ, he will yield it.  
When he is made aware of a Christian principle to be followed, he will follow it whatever the cost. 
So when a new believer finds out that a follower of Christ should love his enemies, he will do so, 
even though that seems sheer folly in today's society.

Ajith Fernando

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You will become a saint 
by complying exactly with your daily duties.
Mary Joseph Rossello

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